The Riverwood Beach Club is very popular with homeowners, but is limited to 400 households due to the size of the club and parking available.  The message at the beginning of this page will let you know if there are immediate openings or if the club is full and only accepting wait listed homeowners. Some Beach Club memberships may become available during the calendar year, but most occur in January.  Renewals are due on December 31 and current members who do not pay by that date will have their membership canceled.  At that time, memberships will be offered based on position on the Waitlist. 
You can immediately join the Riverwood Beach Club when purchasing a home from an eligible Paid Beach Club member.  Membership Transfers from Sellers to Buyers and should happen during the closing process for your home.  See the information for transfer of membership below. 
In either case before proceeding, download the Beach Club Rules and review to make sure that you can meet the qualifications for club membership.
To join the Waitlist, you need to go to the upper right hand corner of the page and choose Register. 
  • Complete the form with your contact information.
  • You will be asked to review and accept the Liability Waiver.
  • A nonrefundable invoice for $53.50 will be generated (which is one half of the $107 transfer fee).  This can be paid immediately via Debit or Credit Card.  Or you can deliver a check to the RCDD Office (in person or by mail). You will be added as Pending to the Waitlist at this point.
  • On payment of the $53.50 and review of your wait list application, you will receive an email welcoming you to the Beach Club Wait List.  You will receive your email account and and password.
  • You will be notified by email when a membership is available to you and a second non-refundable electronic invoice for $53.50 will be issued to you (the second installment of your $107 transfer fee) along with an invoice for your Beach Club dues.   This invoice must be paid within 7 days or the invoice will be canceled, you will be removed from the wait list,  and the membership offered to the next person.   If you need to have household members added or your name or address changed, please contact the BC administrator or the Riverwood CDD Office.
  • As of June 2022, new Beach Club Memberships are not transferable 
If you have purchased a home from an Beach Club member whose membership at that home started before June 2022, the membership may be transferred immediately at closing. 
  • Download the Beach Club Transfer from Seller Form, complete it and email to or take it to the Riverwood CDD Office.  You will need to include a copy of your deed or proof of ownership.
  • The administrator will transfer the membership number from the old member (seller) to the new member (buyer) and generate an electronic invoice for the $107 transfer fee which can be paid with credit or debit card or by check.  This invoice is non-refundable and  must be paid within 7 days of closing to be considered for membership. 
In either case, on receipt of the Invoice to join the Beach Club, please take the following steps:
Your Email Account should be your User Name.  
Sign into the website and update your password using "Forgot Password"  whereby a new password will be sent your your email, then:
  • Go to My Profile (in the upper left hand corner) and make sure that your contact information is correct.  If you have additional family members to enter at this point, contact the Beach Club Administrator.  Make sure that your Spouse or other Household members are added your your account.  Identification is checked at the club and only members who are on the list and their guests will be allowed access.
  • You will need to go to the RCDD office in the Riverwood Administration Building to obtain your Beach Club Access Card(s).  At most, two cards will be issued to a member.  If you need an additional card due to loss, there is a $25 + tax fee to replace the card.  Report Lost or Stolen Cards immediately to the RCDD Office (941-979-8720).  Cards being used by another person will be inactivated.
  • Go to the payment information in My Profile on the website and click on invoices to pay your non-refundable fee via credit or debit card.  Or you may provide a check to the Riverwood CDD office in the administrative building payable to RCDD Beach Club.  All payments are non-refundable so make sure to review the rules to be certain that the Beach Club is what your are expecting.
A Dues renewal invoice for $508.25 will be emailed to all members in November each year to be paid by December 31st to maintain your membership.   The non-refundable invoice can be paid with credit or debit card on the My Profile section of the website each year.  You will also need to review and update your personal information and indicate your agreement with the liability disclaimer on the website.